Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wardrobe: The Great Chacoan Escape (2012)

We are making every effort to keep authenticity a priority when selecting wardrobe. Working with a small budget, we are relying on friends of the community to donate their items for the film shoot. We are very fortunate to have found Novalene Castillo-Meyers, a local seamstress who offered her skills for this project.

Photo 1: Dine loin cloth (Credit: Novalene Castillo-Meyers)

This cloth shows simple designs for the Navajo characters. The red striped cloth will be worn by the Ute warrior and more complex designs will be added. The cloths pictured are soaked in coffee to show age and we are aging them more for a harsh leathery look.

Photo 2: Navajo quiver

Pictured in photo [1] with the cloths is a modern arrow quiver. Our seamstress, Novalene made a pair of deerskin quivers using it as a model above.

Photo 3: Dine moccasin (Owner: Novalene Castillo-Meyers)

Today, many Dine families own moccasins for traditional and personal reasons. Moccasins are made using deerskin and have tough treadless soles. String or buttons tighten this footwear to be comfortably worn. Very few people know the art of designing moccasins and are purchased from retail stores.

Photo 4: Navajo short bow with arrows (Owner: Allison Tachine)

Navajo short bows were used in close quarter fighting and hunting. Sinew strings and oak rods are used The rods are approximately 4'-5' in length. Salt reeds and turkey feathers are used to make arrows.

Buckle worn by a New Mexico militia character.

Photo 5: Deerskin dress (Credit: Novalene Castillo-Meyers)

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