Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Location Scouting: The Great Chacoan Escape (2012)

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The summer has been a busy one for all creative minds involved here in Ojo Encino, New Mexico USA. The producers, Terri Winters, Robert Tsinnajinnie, Allison Tachine, and I have been prepping for upcoming film shoots. We want to keep all film scenes within the Na' Neelzhiin (Torreon, NM) area. With the help of my nephews and friends we found ideal areas for the shoot.

 Kialo Winters (L) and Calvin Walters (R) Photo credit: Chris Walters
Scene:  Messenger Runner travels over a rise and contemplates a strategy to elude pursuing rogue Navajo warriors.

Photo credit: Kialo Winters
Scene: Location set amongst these hoodoos for upcoming fight scene between a teenage Navajo girl and a Ute warrior.

Photo credit: Kialo Winters
Scene: Location for Navajo warrior to exit cave while being chased by rogue warriors.

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